Sustainable community homes in Detroit

We are a cooperative investment project devoted to building and stewarding affordable co-living in Detroit. We develop housing that is ecological, permanently affordable, and moving towards community governance. We are proud to be part of Detroit's inevitable rebuilding and resilience.

Our Projects

City of Detroit Preliminary Plan Review

27 May 2021

We met with planners and officials in the City of Detroit and the Detroit Land Bank to receive feedback on our new construction project at 2091 Seward. See our site plans and tentative details on funding, economics, and governance.

3731 Northwestern St

We are closing on our second house and rehab project in LaSalle Gardens. Please join our message board and help us co-design a unique, cooperatively-owned and self-governing house.

7376 Hanover

We rehabbed this house in LaSalle Gardens where we maintain a community garden and get most of our power from solar panels.

Building our values

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